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Dr. Joyce Dyer (1970's, graduated 8th grade)

CAREER:  An educator, Consultant for the state and also works for a government entity as a vision impaired coordinator. Hold dual Master's degree in Vision Studies and PhD in Business 

Administration and Organization Communication.

SHILOH ADVENTIST SCHOOL DIFFERENCE:  We had worship the principal/teacher related so many stories to us, talking  about life lessons. Those lessons went a long way in my educational experience. A foundation was laid in many ways that prepared me not to succumb to peer pressure and how to deal with the outside world.

MOST IMPORTANT LESSON(S) TAUGHT:  This school reinforced what I learned at home and the importance of higher education. It led me to advance my education.

ENROLLMENT RECOMMENDATIONS:  An education at Shiloh Adventist School will prepare children for life. T have a relationship with my creator and foster that relationship with God, I believe it will afford them a the chance to make it into the kingdom.

Joseph Dyer (1980's - grades 1 - 8)

CAREER:  Government Computer Forensic Analysis

SHILOH ADVENTIST SCHOOL DIFFERENCE:  It is a safer environment than public school. This school has helped shaped the man I am today giving me a good foundation, it has allowed me to take pride in what everything I do.

MOST IMPORTANT LESSON(S) TAUGHT: Adventist School taught me about honest at all times, right and wrong. Those lessons prepared me for public school to avoid the problems and temptations that my friends would do. If it had not been for those lessons from Shiloh Adventist School, I would probably be in prison.

ENROLLMENT RECOMMENDATIONS:  If I children this school would be the place where I would trust the teachers to install motivation and a value system that is missing from public schools.

Paula Dyer (1971 - 1975, grades K - 3rd)

Career:  RN, in home health field, Quality Director of Education and Compliance. Monitor four (4) branches of the home health company.

SHILOH ADVENTIST SCHOOL DIFFERENCE ;  You are treated like family; it is a family environment too. The staff and teachers were influential in my life and they made sure you were ok. If you missed school, they let you know you were missed. Also, knowing, no matter or whatever circumstance comes your way, you could depend on them.

MOST IMPORTANT LESSON(S) TAUGHT:  I was taught me not to succumb to peer pressure, learned and knew who I was in Christ and also being able to take a stand, knowing what was right. Being true to God and being true to yourself, knowing this makes you become truly successful in life, when you are leaning and trusting in Him.

ENROLLMENT RECOMMENDATIONS:  Parents should consider setting your child up for success. Here, you will receive a great education and one of the most important things you will leave with is character building. It is the key to navigate your way through anything.

Lambert Dyer ( 1968 - 1976, grades K - 8)

CAREER:  Respiratory Therapist and Advance Cardiac Life Instructor for the VA

SHILOH ADVENTIST SCHOOL DIFFERENCE:  We opened up the day with prayer and worship; it was the primary focus of being a better person and letting God lead during the school day and help you and your school work. The reinforcement of the Christian and Adventist values was unique from public school. In public school you were not allowed to freely express Christian values.

MOST IMPORTANT LESSON(S)  TAUGHT:  Mrs. Cunningham, my principal/teacher would always say, "An idol mind is the Devils playhouse." Foe me, I interpreted that quote to mean, always be busy doing something positive; learning achieving and moving to the next level. If you stop doing positive things, you become stagnate and sometimes the devil can have his way with you.

ENROLLMENT RECOMMENDATIONS:  The public school teaches students and still does about evolution, but Shiloh Adventist School teaches you about your creator and creation. There are impressionable young minds and that is why made commitment to proclaiming the benefits of Christian education.

Justin Dyyer (2003 - 2007)

CAREER:  US Marine Crop. Infantry (January 2018 is one-year job anniversary)

SHILOH ADVENTIST SCHOOL DIFFERENCE:  There is a Christian environment and the teachers are unique from other teachers. They are committed and dedicated God and their students. The education I received was centered on God and revolves around understanding that. I have gained a different perspective and understand better the lesson learned and taught by my teachers at Shiloh.

MOST IMPORTANT LESSON(S) TAUGHT:  Character and how having a good character can help you advance in life. It is helpful when you meet and people meet you.

ENROLLMENT RECOMMENDATIONS:  There is value in the education at this school. If I had children, I would send them here to learn in a Christian atmosphere. That is very important to me and it would be an important consideration for sending my child.